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7N Arabian Golf Cruise

7N Arabian Golf Cruise

Must-See Tours

Must-See Tours



Balcony Stateroom

Balcony Stateroom

7N Arabian Cruise Tour

MSC Splendida Balcony Stateroom! 

must-see tours of each port

All Inclusive Travel!

​Experience the quintessence of premium travel!

Day 1 (SAT)  Dubai, U Arab Emirates  (Embark 11:00 pm)

18:30 Meet at Dubai International Airport

Transfer to Cruise terminal 

Welcome briefing on board


Almost like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, Dubai is a spectacle that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, cruises to Dubai are now more accessible than ever. Original a trading and fishing post, this dessert land became a majorly developed city gaining prominence in the 21st century. Now Dubai has the world’s tallest building, man-made set of islands and some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques and shops. Dubai has become an international playground where many companies from around the world have set up shop in this strategic location of the Persian Gulf. Cruise to Dubai and discover this Middle Eastern gem for yourself.

Day 2 (SUN)  Abu Dhabi, U Arab Emirates (5:00 am arrival / 11 pm departure )

Abu Dhabi

Cruise to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and take in the city’s unique melding of old and new. While Abu Dhabi’s skyline is marked with countless modern skyscrapers, it’s still the traditional style of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center that steals the show. This distinct blend of old customs and futuristic development emerged during Abu Dhabi’s extremely rapid growth, which was largely stimulated by the discovery of oil in the region. Discover both sides of Abu Dhabi on a cruise vacation, and take in as much of the local flavor as possible. Whether your cruise starts in Abu Dhabi, or just passes through, this is a special port of call full of fascinating cultures and diverse activities.

Day 3  (MON)  Sir Bani Yas Is, U Arab Emirate (9 am arrival / 6:00 pm departure)

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas is a natural island which is situated 170 kilometres to the Southwest of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is basically the biggest natural island that is located in the UAE. It was initially home to the largest wildlife reserve of Arabia. The reserve spans through many kilometres and was established in the year 1977. Ecological investment and conservation work have helped the area to maintain its natural beauty and serve as home to thousands of animals, and millions of plants and trees. It is a popular tourist destination because of the wide variety of activities that people can enjoy.


Jeep Safari Adventure

After leaving the ship, your first encounter with the island will be a small stretch of beach from where, crossing a bridge with your Land Cruiser, you set off on an adventure outing through the beautiful nature reserve that occupies a little more than half of Sir Bani Yas island. By decree of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, hunting is prohibited on Sir Bani Yas and all development work on the island has been carried out with a view to conserving its fragile ecosystem. The late Sheikh was a man both with a vision and on a mission, namely to provide endangered and other animals – both local and foreign – with a safe haven to roam free and grow their numbers. Enjoy the tour with some photo stops during the itinerary which concludes at the small stretch of beach where you can opt to stay on the island or return to the ship with full memories of a modern-day Noah’s Ark full of wonderful creatures you may otherwise never see in such a natural setting. Please note: the driver will provide some basic information in English; this tour is not available to guests with mobility problems or using a wheelchair. Minimum age to take part in this tour: 4. Sighting of animals cannot be guarantee all the time.

Mangrove Kayaking

Sir BaniYas claims the title of the largest natural island within the United Arab Emirates, is home to the Arabian Wildlife Park and boasts a landscape that even includes mangrove regions with their typical swampland plant and animal life. This is an enjoyable opportunity to explore the island from the waterside perspective afforded by a kayak. You’ll first be briefed on how to handle your kayak, then you’ll be able to paddle away along quiet waterways that will let you appreciate the true beauty of the island. Your enchanting kayak adventure ends with your return to the ship. Please note: kayak instructor will provide only basic information in English only. 

Day 4 (TUE)  Cruising at Sea

The first day at sea. No golf. No sightseeing. No worries. Here’s your chance to reset with the help of four restaurants plus cafes and lounges, a pool, sun decks, a spa, fitness center, jogging track, hair salon, shops, casino and cabaret lounge.

Day 5 (WED)  Bahrain  (8 am arrival / 6 pm departure)


The Bahrain Island is also popularly known as al-Awal Island. It was formerly referred to as Bahrein. It is the biggest island in the Bahrain archipelago and is popular among travelers. Bahrain has been an immensely important commercial crossroads of the Gulf. It has been a major trade center that has helped link the west and the east. In Arabic, the word Bahrain means two seas. The meaning shows how the geographical position of Bahrain as a collection of islands has been important throughout the history of the country. Bahrain Island occupies a large fraction of the land mass of Bahrain and hosts the majority of the population. The Gulf of Bahrain which is an inlet of the Persian Gulf surrounds most of the island.

Day 6 (THU)  Doha, Qatar  (8 am arrival / 6 pm departure )


Doha is the current capital city of Qatar, also officially known as the State of Qatar. Qatar is located in Southwest Asia in the Qatar peninsula. It is surrounded by the Persian Gulf and shares only one land border to the South with Saudi Arabia. Doha has an estimated population of roughly 956,460 people, which makes it the most populated city of Qatar, as that figure accounts for around 40% of the country's total population. The city lies in the Eastern part of Qatar on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Doha was founded in the early 19th century, but was later declared as Qatar's capital in the year 1971 when the country gained independence. The weather in Doha is tropic, characterized by hot Summers from May through October.

Day 7 (FRI)  Dubai, U Arab Emirate  (9 am arrival / )

Dune Safari

Treat yourself to the thrill of a lifetime on our Desert Dune Adventure. An exciting rollercoaster ride over Arabia’s golden sand dunes awaits you – and all from the comfort of a modern four-wheel drive vehicle. The tour culminates in a visit to a secluded desert camp site, decorated in authentic Arabic style. This tranquil spot is not just perfect for relaxing amid majestic sand dunes, but also for having a go at sand-skiing or camel riding. Please note: the driver will provide information in English. Please wear casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. As this tour involves travelling over rough and bumpy terrain, it is unsuitable for guests with mobility problems, with neck/back problems, for pregnant women and for children aged less than 4 years. Due to the marked differences between outside temperatures and those found in the places visited as well as the air-conditioned tour vehicles, we recommend taking a light cotton jumper or cardigan for your comfort.

Day 8 (SAT)  Dubai, U Arab Emirate   (하선 10:00 am)

Disembark after breakfast

Dubai City Tours

This discovery tour begins with a photo stop at the epitome of modern Dubai, the sumptuous Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is the only 7-star hotel in the world. The tour continues with a drive to the Palm Jumeirah, a magnificent man-made archipelago of islands in the shape of a palm tree. The impressive Atlantis Hotel also provides an excellent opportunity to take some breathtaking photos. The next stop on the tour is the beautiful Dubai Marina, projected to become the largest man-made marina in the world. The tour will then take you through Dubai’s swanky neighbourhoods of Emirates Hills and The Springs. Next on the itinerary is a drive along Sheikh Zayed Road, taking you to the Souk Al Bahar where you will have free time to spend in the bazaar. The souk features over 100 shops in an eclectic retail mix that includes restaurants, cafés and lounges that flank the souk’s extensive waterfront promenade. Literally meaning “The Market of the Sailor”, Souk Al Bahar derives its name both from its traditional souk architecture – natural stone corridors, high archways and subdued lighting – as well as its unique ”seaside” location on an island in Lake Burj. 

Transfer to Dubai International Airport after dinner

MSC Splendida Information (click below link)

MSC Splendida


7N MSC Splendida Balcony stateroom - upgrade/downgrade available upon request)

5 Shore excursions for disembarkation days for non-golfers

Sir Bani Yas Island Safari adventure & Mangrove Kayaking

Return transfer between the airport and the cruise terminal

Use of on board entertainments, activities and kid club

All meals within the itinerary including disembarkation days

Daily onboard newspaper announcing daily activities and entertainments

Cruise gratuities on board

Port fees & taxes

Presentation & Gala Dinner

Chance to win a complimentary tour certificate


Personal allowance

Alcoholic drinks

International flight



Sweepstakes Draw

1 x Cruise Voucher $1000

2 x Cruise Voucher $500 

3 x Cruise Voucher $300


* Price is per person based on double occupancy and price for 3rd and 4th person in the same stateroom will be quoted upon request.

* Price quoted is based on Balcony stateroom category and upgrade or downgrade to a different category will be quoted upon request.) 

* The desired cabin category may not be able to book subject to availability of the cruise lines thus it is always recommended to plan and book early. 

* Non-golfers will enjoy a sightseeing tours of the region for the disembarkation days.

* The scheduled golf courses may be substituted with another course of similar level subject to course availability.

* Inclement Weather Play will continue rain or shine unless weather conditions put the player at risk of danger or the course closes.)

* Guaranteed departure for 12 or more travelers

* Cancellation Terms

   More than 120 days prior to sailing - deposit

   120-91 days prior to sailing - 25% of total price

   90-61 days prior to sailing - 50% of total price

   60-31 days prior to sailing -  75% of total price

   30 days or less prior to sailing - 100% of total price

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